Welcome to TextilboxUs

Hello and welcome to TextilboxUs!

My name is Kem and this is my new business. It’s actually a franchise. The original Textilbox started in Spain by a wonderfully creative person and friend, Violeta. It was easy to see why Violeta was having so much fun and quick success with the concept of putting everything needed for a DIY sewing project into a box and shipping it right to people’s homes.

I have a 10 year-old daughter, Olivia, and she’s always asking to use my sewing machine. It’s a machine I inherited, but I’ve actually never been very good at sewing. Of course, I didn’t want to discourage Olivia’s interest in something creative and constructive, but what could I teach her to sew that would be easy for both she and I? Just sewing a seam around an old swatch of fabric’s not much fun.

Solution: TEXTILBOX! This beginner’s sewing kit comes equip with decorative fabric, sewing notions, simple pattern with step by step instructions, fun extras and great experience.
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​Olivia asked if her friend Katie could do it too, so I ordered a second box for her. We started with the beginners Cloth Bag textilbox – The only problem being, the easy step by step instructions were in Spanish! Luckily, Violeta found someone to do the translation. But this got me to thinking, why isn’t there a US version of Textilbox? So, after some consideration and research, I approached Violeta with the proposition of allowing me to start a franchise here in the States. She agreed, and here we are!

​I felt it best, rather than start with selling the first 3 textilbox designs (Cloth Bag, Glasses Case and MakeUp Case) to launch my first box at the same time the next Spain textilbox was launched – the back to school Pencil Case. Admittedly, this is not the ideal box to begin with if you are a very novice sewer. This one has a difficulty level of intermediate. But it still contains, easy step by step instructions and everything needed to complete the design. Olivia and Katie really loved the colorful Robert Kaufman designed rainbow plaid fabric!
Our TextilboxUS Christmas design will be rich and festive, but aimed at those very new to sewing. If you are looking to purchase one of the past boxes, send me an email.
Once I get enough pre-orders for them, I’ll begin offering those as well.

Thanks for stopping by!