What is TextilBox?

TextilBox is a box of creative sewing projects. It makes learning to sew fun and easy. It offers you a DIY concept and shows you the steps to develop a tutorial that guides you and provides you with the materials you need for sewing. In addition , we bring you straight home. It also stimulates your creativity through variations of the initial DIY , offering mini - challenges and sharing ideas with the community TextilBox . Check out Shop TextilBox to choose your box.

How does TextilBox work?

You can either choose to order a single box, or sign up for an annual subscription (4 boxes total). The annual subscription is eligible for a discount per box. When your TextilBox arrives you will find a DIY sewing project including all the materials needed to create it. Feel free to go beyond the DIY project to adapt it to your satisfaction. Share your great experiences, ideas and questions with the TextilBox community via social media.

Do I need to have any experience in sewing?

No sewing experience is required but you have to know how to use the most basic functions  of a sewing machine. The goal is to make you enjoy TextilBox project regardless of your experience level. If you already have some level of sewing experience, then the challenge is to go beyond the initial DIY project, making creative changes that you can share with the TextilBox community.

What items do I need in order to sew with TextilBox?

TextilBox is all inclusive except for a sewing machine ! If you don’t have a sewing machine, share with a family member or a friend, and make it a shared project and help each other! Another option is to sew the objects by hand, it will take longer but the result is very similar. Besides a sewing machine you need the classic tools of couture, sewing scissors, a measuring tape, fabrics , small items of haberdashery, spools of thread, pattern etc. These are all included in your TextilBox.

What I kinds of things do I sew with TextilBox ?

You can sew items of clothing useful in everyday life, such as a glasses case , wallet, etc. We propose sewing small items (not clothes) because they are easier and less time and experience is required. The idea is to be able to complete the DIY concepts in our boxes within 1-2 hours.

What's inside a TextilBox? 

Each TextilBox includes:

  • An original idea of ​​a DIY sewing item created by the team of TextilBox.
  • A pattern, if the idea is more complex.
  • A tutorial that explains step by step how to make the DIY idea and gives you additional useful information (fabrics, variations of the idea, etc. )
  • The main materials: fabrics original size needed, small haberdashery, accessories, etc.
  • Extra fabric so you can practice without fear and go creating your " wardrobe " of fabrics.
  • A spool of thread 100 % polyester sponsored by the DMC brand.
  • A surprise gift.

How long does shipping take?

Normally shipping takes about 7-10 business days. If you would like a rush order please contact us to confirm availability.

What is the Return Policy?

The customer may return the TextilBox with 100% refund, provided it is within 30 days of purchase, and the contents of the box remain in tact. Send an email to info@textilbox.us to obtain the address where to ship your item to be returned.