Easter is around the corner….

It’s always hard to believe spring will come again when much of the country is experiencing record lows, ice and snow, but TextilboxUS is here to remind you with our latest sewing kit, that the warmth and newness of spring is right around the corner…



We were looking to offer our next sewing kit in time for Easter, tossing around several project ideas.

And then our love of Pinterest revealed just the right thing – Yoonie-at-Home  featured these adorable stuffed bunny rabbits!

TextilboxUS Easter Sewing Kit

The bright, flowery fabrics Yoonie chose were really appealing.  Shopping for fabrics is a big part of the joy in creating TextilboxUS and I think we’ve found just the right pattern to create that same fresh, charming quality Yoonie displayed with her stuffed bunnies. We did tweak the original pattern to allow for your bunny to stand up, if properly stuffed.

The Stuffed Bunny has a skill level of intermediate. As always, inside each textilbox you’ll find all the necessary items to complete your project:

• Bunny shaped pattern

• 2 pieces of 100% cotton Art Gallery Fantasia Bous Trail Warmet fabric

• White spool of thread

• 2 colored Pom Poms for the tail (choose 1 to hand sew on to the bunny)

• Assorted colored ribbon for the bunnies decorative neck bow (customize to your taste)

• Small bag of stuffing material

• Sewing needles

Also included an EASTER SURPRISE!

Once completed your TextilboxUS bunny is not only decorative, but a good Easter gift for little ones.

As an introductory special, we’re offering The Stuffed Bunny Textilbox for $15.99 (reg. $24.99). Limited time only!

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Interested in hosting an Easter sewing party or playdate for the kids? Contact TextilboxUS for additional discount pricing opportunities.


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Wishing you all a creative winter as we look forward to a Happy Spring!


The TextilboxUS Team!