About us


In 2013 Violeta and Lucie, who had worked together for several years in the online marketing industry, were looking for ways to channel their creativity in more tangible mediums. That summer Violeta inherited an old 60s sewing machine from her grandmother, which inspired her to rekindle her passion for sewing. Now the question was what to sew? It proved difficult to find ideas and clear instructions and guidelines. She shared her dilemma with Lucie, who herself had always been fascinated by unique fabrics (and buttons!) Lucie suggested the creation of a sewing project in the form of a box with the added ease of having it delivered right to your home. TextilBox was born!

Violeta and Lucie began sharing their ideas with a community interested in sewing and in March 2014 they sent out the very first Textilbox. Since then, the brand has experienced a growing following of loyal sewing enthusiasts at every skill level ranging from beginners to those that have been sewing for decades all finding unique value in using Textilbox!

Due to the success of Textilbox in France and Spain, it made sense to expand into even bigger markets. Textilbox officially launched in the US and Canada September 2015.

If you have questions about TextilBox, our website or just want to share your opinions, please contact info@textilbox.us.

equipo textilbox
Textilbox team Violeta (left) , Lucie (right)